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Sweet Pink Potion


Sweet Pink Potion Graphics
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♥ Welcome ♥
Welcome to Sweet Pink Potion
Icons/Graphics and Fanfics by vanillabug

I started making icons in April of 2008. I use Adobe Photoshop 7.0. A friend of mine let me "steal" it from her. So I have no instruction book and flying blind here. Learning new stuff all the time with this program.

My personal LJ is Friends Only and me being a little anal about things, hated the way the random "un-locked" icon entries looked so I started a graphic journal and here I am!

Feel free to friend and watch the community if my stuff appeals to you. Its an open membership. Anyone can join but, sorry guys, only I can post
♥ Requests and the GOLDEN RULE♥
Comments are apperciated and really make my day.

Credit is total love. Please either credit vanillabug or sweetpinkpotion when using icons or graphics.

Please do not use textless icons as bases without asking.

If you don't credit me or you claim my icons as your own...what can I do? *shurg* But for the love of all in this world....


There are several FREE image hosting sites out there. Photobucket, ImageShack, Tiny Pic just to name a few. So if you don't credit or comment, please at least upload to your own image site.


Journal Layout thanks to mercscilla at street_of_mercy
♥ In Conclusion... ♥
All my resources are found in this post HERE.

I love meeting people with the same intrests as me. So if in checking out the graphics I make, you find we have some stuff in common, feel free to head to my personal LJ and check out the other intrests in my profile. If you find we have more in common, leave a comment and name a few things and I'll totally friend you back!


Layout profile code thanks to SpaceGraphics