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14 January 2010 @ 07:31 pm
Fic: Show Me Chapter 8  

TITLE: Show Me
RATING: T/PG-13 (will be NC-17/M in later chapters)
CATEGORY: Catherine/Sara Romance
DISCLAIMER: Don't own anything!
SPOILERS: Anything up to “Crash and Burn” is fair game.
ARCHIVE: With Authors Permission VanillaBug1@comcast.net

SUMMARY: Catherine and Sara, along with Greg and Nick attend the Annual Pacific Coast Conference in San Francisco. How long can Catherine and Sara keep denying that they are nothing more than friends? CATHERINE/SARA PAIRING (will be rated M in later chapters)

Show Me

Arriving promptly at eight, the four CSI’s checked in and received their individualized schedule times for each of their lectures. Catherine and Sara both had two seminar classes a day, while Nick, unfortunately was scheduled for three.

“How did I get stuck with three a day and you guys only get two?” The Texan asked as they made their way into a lecture hall for an orientation.

“Because, you are so much smarted than we are,” Sara answered, patting him on the back.

“Speak for yourself,” Catherine grumbled sitting down in one of the seats.

“Someone is a little crabby this morning,” Greg muttered under his breath.

“Well, after spending the day running around with my daughter so she doesn’t feel like I am abandoning her, waiting around until midnight for a flight and then have that flight be delayed over an hour on the runway because some stupid bird decided it was a good time to end his life in the engine. Then I get here waiting for my luggage, which of course was the last one off the plane and lets not forget the fun adventure this morning arguing with the front desk trying to get a room key. So, after about 3 hours of sleep, here I am. Now, what were you saying Greg?” Catherine glared.

“Um, just that you look even more beautiful than you normally do this morning,” the lab tech grinned. “I really love the natural curl your hair has got today.”

“That’s what I thought you said,” the strawberry blonde replied taking another sip of her coffee.

“You sit next to her,” Greg mumbled pushing Sara ahead of him down the row of seats.

Sara chuckled as she made her way down the row taking a seat next to Catherine.

“You know you brought that on yourself right?” Nick asked.

“Dude, I didn’t think …” Greg started,

“No, you didn’t bro,” Nick interrupted, patting Greg on the back. “Some ladies man you are,” the Texan laughed.

“Catherine, I’m …” Greg began but was cut off again, this time by Sara.

“Greg, you are just digging yourself deeper. Quit while you are ahead.” The brunette warned. Greg took a deep sigh and took a seat between Sara and Nick.

“Anyone else get the feeling this is gonna be a very long day?” Nick asked, looking over the schedule for the day.

“At least until 12:30.” Greg commented.

“What’s at 12:30?” Sara asked pulling out her own itinerary.

“Lunch!” The young lab tech grinned.

“You’re hopeless Greg,” Sara replied, rolling her eyes. “But, if I remember correctly, about two blocks from here, there is a really, really good Mexican place where we could go for lunch.”

“I keep forgetting you used to live here,” Catherine stated.

“Yeah, for about four years. It feels like ages ago really. And so much has changed since then,” the brunette smiled.

“You miss it?” Catherine asked.

“Um, I did when I first arrived in Vegas. Probably because it was all so new and the only person I knew was Grissom and, well, you how big his social circle is, so, it was lonely for awhile. I didn’t get the most friendly welcome and that didn’t help matters much,” Sara chuckled.

“Sara, I..” Catherine began.

“Don’t even go there Cat. Everything is fine. Water under the bridge. You even start to apologize I am gonna hurt you,” the brunette smiled.

“I just .. “ Catherine started.

“Catherine! What did I say?” Sara said as Catherine offered a shy smile. “Grissom’s call came at just the right time. I needed a break from, well, everything that was going on here at the time and so I jumped at the chance to get away. It wasn’t supposed to be a full time thing. But, Vegas got to me and I decided to stay here.”

“I didn’t know you coming here was supposed to be temporary,” Greg said.

“Well, I’m glad you stayed,” Nick smiled.

“Me too,” added Greg.

“What made you decide to stay?” The older woman asked.

“Um …” Sara stuttered, fiddling with her coffee cup. “Well, as much as I tried to stay loyal to San Francisco, there were a few things in Vegas that um …” she paused and looked over at Catherine, “ … kinda stole my heart.” The brunette smiled at her colleague.

Catherine looked into Sara’s eyes and could tell the brunette was holding something back.

“Like what?” Catherine asked, biting her bottom lip.

“Good morning everyone!” Someone yelled from the front of the lecture hall. “Let’s get started shall! How is everyone doing this fine day?!” The speaker asked.

“Someone had to much coffee this morning,” Greg stated, rolling his eyes.

Sara offered Catherine a gentle smile before turning her attention to the speaker, thankful for the interruption. Catherine soon copied Sara’s actions, wishing she was one of the things that stole Sara’s heart.


“Oh my God, I thought he would never stop talking,” Greg stated as the CSI’s entered the Mexican restaurant.

“It wasn’t that bad,” Nick commented causing the rest of the team look at the Texan as if he had grown another head. “Or maybe not.”

“I am not gonna make it through the rest of the today,” Catherine grumbled, rubbing her temples.

“At least you don’t have to give any lectures until tomorrow,” Sara offered as they were led to a table. “And from what I saw, no forced socialization until tomorrow night,” the brunette shrugged.

“Joy,” came Catherine’s response.

“And you get to spend the rest of the afternoon with Greg,” Sara grinned.

“Oh happy day,” the older woman replied rolling her eyes causing Sara to laugh.

“Hopefully, once you get something in your stomach it will give ya a little more energy,” the brunette smiled, sliding into the booth.

“I never thought I was say this but, all I wanna do is crawl back into that hotel bed and sleep for days,” Catherine said as she sat down next to Sara.

“Just a couple more hours. Sitting in that lecture hall for four hours, listening to some guy introduce what we already know this conference was about, has to have been the worst part of this whole thing. It’s almost over, you’ll make it,” Sara replied, patting Catherine’s thigh.

“Thanks,” she said, attempting a smile opening up the menu.

The waitress came by and took their drink orders, promising to be right back.

“Wow, this place hasn’t changed at all,” Sara stated, looking around the tiny dining room.

“You used to come here a lot?” Catherine asked becoming more curious about Sara’s past life in San Francisco.

“Yeah, at least twice a week. The lab is about two lights down from here,” the brunette smiled. “It’s kinda popular with the lab.”

“I can see why. For a small place, they have a lot on the menu,” Nick commented.

“And it’s all good,” the brunette smiled at her colleagues.

When the waitress returned with their drinks, the four CSI’s ordered their food and began munching on the chip and salsa the waitress had set on the table.

“Well, at least there are only three nights of forced socialization. Tomorrow’s stupid meet and greet at the college, the cocktail party hosted by our hotel on Weds, and then the formal farewell dinner on Thursday.” Nick added.

“Why do they have the farewell dinner on Thursday? I mean, the conference doesn’t end until Friday,” Greg questioned, stuffing a chip in his mouth.

“If you look at Friday’s schedule, it’s only the morning wrap up farewell thing for two hours,” Sara answered.

“And we leave, what, Saturday right?” Catherine asked.

“Yeah, our flight is at 12:40 or something like that,” Nick said.

“Sweet! So we pretty much have all day on Friday to ourselves!” The lab tech said excitedly.

“That’s still four days away. Let’s worry about the rest of today,” Sara smiled.

“Well, it looks like the seminar Greg and Catherine have is back in one of the hotel conference rooms.” Nick said.

“Well, that’s nice I guess,” Catherine replied, sitting up a little straighter.

“See your day is already looking up,” Sara said, giving Catherine a few pat’s on her knee.

“Right,” the older woman replied, rolling her eyes.

“So, I was thinking, Sara and I can drop you guys off at the hotel and we’ll take the car with us back to the campus,” Nick suggested.

“And leave us stranded at the hotel? How is that fair?” Greg asked taking another chip.

“Seeing as how Sara and I have to be on campus, and you and Catherine at the conference room in the hotel … you see where I am going with this Greggo? I know it is pretty complicated,” The Texan teased causing the ladies to giggle. “And then we could all meet back up and grab some dinner.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Sara replied, taking a chip and dipping it into the salsa.

“Always the thinker aren’t ya Nicky?” The strawberry blonde commented.

“Someone has got to make up for good ole Greg here,” he smiled, patting the lab tech on his back.

“You guys gonna make fun of me all week?” Greg asked.

“Yeah,” the CSI’s replied in unison, causing the whole table to laugh … including Greg.

To Be Continued...

smartyshortiesmartyshortie on January 15th, 2010 03:23 am (UTC)
Cute update! Looking forward to more!
the_dark_zodiacthe_dark_zodiac on January 15th, 2010 09:40 am (UTC)
Very sweet.

winston_girl on January 19th, 2010 04:25 am (UTC)
I love this story so far! Can't wait for the next part!